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You live in a beautiful condo, townhome or high rise that you worked hard to own. You pay your Homeowners Association dues every month because you want your property to look and run it’s very best. At Rubin Properties, Inc., we have the same goal – to care for your building as meticulously as if it were our own.
Rubin Properties, Inc. is a homeowners association management firm focused on cost effectiveness, supervision and positive business relationships. Founded by Irv Rubin in 1984, we have been the premier resource in Los Angeles County for experienced and professional HOA management services for over 30 years. Our mission is to create the best living experience for you by providing superior customer service and responsiveness that is unparalleled by our competitors.
Rubin Properties, Inc. specializes in buildings from six units to over 300 in many styles, including condominiums, townhomes, high rises, garden rises and mid rises. Our main focus is on the Greater Los Angeles Area with the majority of our properties located in Beverly Hills, West L.A., Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Brentwood and the San Fernando Valley such as Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park, and Woodland Hills. To respect the privacy of our owners and their tenants, we do not publicly disclose our portfolio.
We educate our clients so they understand that the money they pay to their HOA is their money and that our prime goal is to save them money! We shop the market to get the best and lowest insurance premiums for them; we negotiate with all outside vendors to determine who will provide the best value for the job being done and we perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs. All of our properties are unique so we have no cookie cutter contracts. Each one is customized to fit your needs and there are never any setup fees. Our goal is to relieve you of worry and stress so you can focus on comfortable living!
“I want our homeowners to feel confident knowing they can trust us with their building and be assured that their home is safe and they don’t have to worry. They can go on vacation and enjoy their weekends, leaving the responsibility to us.”
Heather Miller, President
Rubin Properties, Inc.
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