Mail theft in the Los Angeles area

Recently there have been several properties which have experienced mail theft in the Los Angeles area. Some safe guards to protect your identity and your mail in a condominium property is to make sure that the common area doors are closed and locked surrounding your property. If you see a lock that is malfunctioning, do not assume someone else will report it and make sure the manager knows that the lock needs repair. If you have a property with mailboxes outside, it may be best to consider moving them inside a secure area such as a lobby.
Some safeguards if your mailboxes are inside to add to the property are large latch guards on the doors, security cameras, and signs that state that the perpetrator is on camera. This will help detour thieves to go where it is easier to access the items that they are looking for. Lastly, be vigilant in making sure that the garage gate closes before you pull away from the property and watch to make sure that no one follows you in and do not buzz visitors in that you are not expecting. Simple steps can prevent a lot of frustration to having the mail stolen at your property.


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