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Our mission at Rubin Properties, Inc. is to provide you with the best and most responsive customer service and save your HOA money. We understand that no matter how much preventative maintenance is done, there will still be emergencies…and they may not happen at a convenient time. No matter what the hour is, your call is always answered by a Rubin Properties representative, not by an answering service. We respond immediately! There is little to no waiting for a call back 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We also handle all financial matters directly through our office. Many management companies outsource the collection of HOA dues and the payment of vendor invoices to an out-of-state lockbox. We believe that we can deliver better service to you by taking financial control. Your dues are received by us and deposited in your HOA account at a local financial institution. All vendor invoices are also sent to us to be paid. We closely review the bills and can easily detect if something is not right, since these are vendors we have hired and we know what they are supposed to be billing. We specialize in making sure all the payments are processed and collected on time and all of the invoices are also paid on time…and we keep you informed.

We are very good at negotiating contracts and lowering prices, as well as collecting dues from delinquent accounts to get your HOA budget under control! Since we make it a point to develop excellent relationships with our owners, we know when something is wrong and can help fix the problem by contacting the owner directly. Although we primarily work with the Board of Directors, we welcome any of our homeowners who wish to contact us for suggestions and we can direct your suggestions to the board of directors for consideration.

Rubin Properties, Inc. is more than a property management company. We are involved in every aspect. We make sure your property is up to date with the Secretary of State and the California Franchise Tax Board, and we respond quickly to deliver escrow documents for owners who are selling their unit. We also handle any legal matters that may arise.

We offer four tiers of management:

  • Full Service
  • Full Service with Meetings and Inspections
  • Financial Management Plus Emergency Support
  • Financial Management

Rubin Properties, Inc. adheres to your building’s governing documents and the Davis Sterling Act, which governs California condos and all the civil codes that go along with it. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!

“We treat all of our buildings like they were our own home. They are not just another building to us. We take it very personally.”
Heather Miller, President

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