List of Services Provided by Rubin Properties, Inc.

  1. Receive all calls regarding problems with the building.
  2. Distribute an annual financial report.
  3. Maintain complete files of all correspondence and handle all correspondence for the Board of Directors
    pertaining to routine business matters including violations of the CC&R. This will involve writing letters
    subject to Board approval.
  4. Perform a monthly accounting of all funds expended and funds received.
  5. Perform regular inspections of the premises.
  6. Pay all debts of the Association in a timely fashion.
  7. Provide a report of all monthly bills paid by the Association.
  8. Provide a report of all monthly maintenance fees and make periodic deposits into your account.
  9. Advise the Board of Directors on all aspects of keeping the building clean and in good, working order.
  10. Arrange for all repair work and regular maintenance for the building (i.e. plumbing, gardening, janitorial,
  11. Assist in creating a plan to make the building a more attractive and enjoyable place to live and coordinate
    the implementation of said plan.
  12. Prepare and distribute monthly an itemized list of all delinquent accounts to board members.v
  13. Use our best efforts to collect monthly assessment fees including any late charges and special
  14. Prepare and mail delinquent notices as required.
  15. Follow up on all delinquencies to effectuate collection of all amounts owed.
  16. File liens upon resolution of the Board of Directors and engage legal counsel when necessary to assist in
    collection. (The preparation of liens and the filing of said documents with the County Recorder’s Office
    will be at an additional cost to the Association; however, that cost will be reimbursed to the Association
    by the individual unit owners upon payment of their account).
  17. Prepare and submit reports and forms to governmental agencies as required by law.
  18. Maintain a business-like relationship with owners and tenants and respond in a systematic fashion to
    requests for services to be provided by the Management Company under this agreement.
  19. Fund the reserve account each month as determined by the annual budget.
  20. Respond to inquiries from escrow holders regarding the status of accounts.
  21. Obtain bids and negotiate price for contracts in the name of the Association for necessary services,
    including but not limited to: gardening, janitorial, pest control, and fire equipment maintenance. Also,
    assist in supervising contracts for maximum results.
  22. Report promptly to the Association any condition which, in the opinion of the Management Company,
    requires the attention of the Association.
  23. Prepare an annual budget for the Association.
  24. Place purchase orders in the name of the Association for such equipment, tools, materials, and supplies
    as are necessary to properly maintain the property.
  25. Mail welcoming packages to each new homeowner.
  26. Assist the Board of Directors in the formulation of all necessary committees as well as procedures by
    which those committees should operate.

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