Preventative Maintenance Not Reactive Maintenance Saves You Money!

For over 30 years, our focus at Rubin Properties, Inc. has been to provide boutique customer service to you – our valued client – and to save you money. One of our strong beliefs is that by performing preventative maintenance activities, we can lessen costly emergencies. In addition to performing regular walk-throughs of your property and attending all meetings that the board requires, we schedule an annual review for your building to determine specific maintenance needs.
We strive to educate you on how to save money. For example, we recommend leak inspections of the individual units in your building on an annual basis to make sure there are no running toilets or leaking faucets. We also recommend a variety of solutions for your irrigation and we work with the city on obtaining rebates for you. We want to make sure your HOA is water-conscious in the ongoing drought condition in California. We also work with you on your budget and reserves to determine the appropriate time to do a major capital improvement.
All of the vendors we hire are licensed and bonded. Because of the relationship we have had with many of them over the years, we have been able to negotiate lower contracts, lower monthly fees and competitive rates, especially for large projects like roofing and elevator modernizations. We make sure to get the most competitive quotes and then negotiate them down further. For example, one our buildings needed a part to fix their elevator, but the part was obsolete. The elevator vendor quoted $14,000 to replace it. We didn’t like that solution so we found a new elevator company who had the vast resources we needed for parts and restored service for free!
We also work with our HOAs to save them money on their insurance premiums, one of our strong points. For example, we saved one of our clients over $5,000 on their master insurance and $8,000 on their earthquake insurance by shopping the market for the best rates.
“I wanted to let you know that your recommendation of Tommy Valdez and his Harbor LIghting Co. was terrific! Today he had two of his guys here for several hours of work. They were on time, careful, explained everything, and knew what they were doing. He stays on top of things and is very responsive. And I think his prices are reasonable. I would absolutely use him again.” 
Holly H-Brockton Chateau HOA

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